• Toll Gate System (SALIK)
   Toll gate fee is charged at AED 6 per crossing. 

• Vehicle Registration Fee 
  A fee of AED 4 per day or maximum AED 60 per month will be applied to each rental.

• Traffic Fine Surcharge
  A surcharge of AED 50 is applicable, over and above the traffic fine as a handling administration fee.

• Accident Service Charge
  A fee of AED 75 per accident will be charged as an accident handling administration fee, over and above the damage repair costs or applicable excess.

• Tire Replacement Service Charge
  A surcharge of AED 100 will be charged, over and above the tire repair costs or applicable excess, as a handling administration fee.

• Tint Film Removal
  A fee of AED 100 will be charged if the rented vehicle is returned with tinted film on the windows.
  Rent a car vehicles cannot have tint film on the windows as per UAE law. Renter is liable to bear fine costs and
  admin fee in the case that tint film is placed on the rented vehicle.

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