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Popular Avis Car Hire Countries

At Avis, we have over 5,750 car locations in over 165 countries around the world. That means we are wherever you
need us to be. Make sure you rent a car with Avis when travelling for affordable, quality car hire. Below are some of our popular locations but please use the search bar above to find the most convient locations for you.

Popular Avis Car Hire Airport Locations     

Airport car hire is key in creating a fast, easy way to get reach your destination, whether it's for business or leisure. At
Avis, we strive to create simple and accessible Airport car rental. We understand the stress of travelling which is why we
are conviently located throughout the world, at the busiest Airports making your journey that little bit easier.

Popular Avis Car Hire City Locations

From Ancorage, Alaska to Zanzibar,Tanzania, we are where car hire is needed. Browse our thousands of city and town
car rental locations around the world. We have put together some popular Avis car hire locations below but search your
needed rent a car location in the search bar above to find out how close we are to where you are going to be.

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